Who I Am & Why I Write

Texas Bluebonnets. Spring 2013.

Texas Bluebonnets. Spring 2013.

Welcome to my blog! Since you clicked this link, I guess you want to know something about me and my ramblings.

Short Version: I’m a wife and a mother doing the best I can with what I’ve been given to make the most of this life and attain beatitude in the next.

Long version: My name is Mary, and I married my very best friend, Josh, right out of college.  We’re very blessed to be the parents of three extremely active and incredibly awesome boys and two precious little princesses. We homeschool our little darlings, and every day is a new adventure. We are Catholic and take our faith very seriously – it colors everything else we do. I am not perfect, and I’m well aware of that. I have many faults, some of which will become apparent to you by reading my blog.

I have a degree in psychology from the University of Memphis (T-I-G-E-R-S, Tigers!) and worked with troubled youth in both residential and outpatient settings for four years before staying home to raise my family. From August 2010 – June 2013, I had the privilege of coordinating middle school youth ministry at our parish. I absolutely loved sharing our beautiful faith and instilling a love for Jesus in those rambunctious little souls. Most recently, I earned a Masters of Theological Studies from Ave Maria University’s Institute of Pastoral Theology. Doing so was probably the most grueling, yet rewarding experience of my entire life (so far).

memphis-tigers-glitterThis blog is basically about my life and things that interest me, thus it covers a wide range of topics in no particular order. If you’re looking for something specific, I suggest using the search box provided in the top right drop down menu. My blog will be updated daily (or even multiple times a day), weekly, or rarely depending only on the topics floating through my head measured against the time I have to sit down and write type. Recently, I’ve been persuaded to write more about our daily happenings, so I’m hoping to do that more regularly.

Just to warn you, my husband describes my personality as “quirky.” I have no idea what that actually means.  The implication my quirky personality seems to have on my blog results from writing being somewhat one-dimensional. Sometimes I lean on sarcasm and satire to illustrate my points. Apparently, it doesn’t always come through the computer screen as clearly as I intend for it to. (I suppose what that really means is that I’m not quite as good of a writer as I intend to be…)

My blog title refers to the Phil Vassar song of the same name. (I also love the beach, which I consider an earthly paradise, and strive each day to get one step closer to eternal paradise.) Feel free to watch the music video (and laugh at the ridiculously outdated and impractical outfits worn by the female lead) below. I’ve identified with this song ever since I first heard it in high school. In fact, I used to claim my future hubby and I would have two “first dances” at our wedding reception, the first being something romantic or symbolic of our relationship and the second being this song. Sadly, that didn’t happen, but that’s a topic for another day.

I welcome your comments on any of my posts, but insist that you treat me and any other “commenters” with respect. I don’t write to incite debate, and I am aware that the whole world doesn’t agree with me. I don’t expect you to agree with me, but I do expect you to be respectful to me and anyone else you may speak to while commenting on this blog.  Happy reading!


11 thoughts on “Who I Am & Why I Write

  1. Hello, Mary!

    I was attracted to your blog when I saw it on the Freshly Pressed page on WordPress. It caught my eye because it is so close to the name of my blog, Another Beautiful Day in Paradise. I’m afraid my motivation for the name was a little more tongue in cheek.

    I enjoyed reading that latest few entries, although I just didn’ have time to go through the entire Janet Smith transcript. I also am Catholic and teach 5th grade CCD. I have a blog for that also. If you are interested, drop me an email and I’ll send you the link.

    In any case, if you have a minute, stop by and visit at http://anotherbeautifulday.wordpress.com.

    Keep up the good work!

    Mike aka The Poolman

    • Thanks for stopping by! I taught 7th grade CCD for three years and loved doing it. We’ve recently relocated, and with the baby on the way, I haven’t gotten involved with teaching again. I may this fall if our new parish needs anyone at the last minute or maybe wait until next year. I’d love to check out your CCD site, I’ll shoot you an email for the link shortly. Have a great day!

  2. Hi Mary,

    Your blog is very interesting. I can relate to your recent post –“Is Being Family Enough?”- Although I don’t have an extended family or children I feel like I can relate to your problem. The only difference is my family is similar to the one your husband probably grew up in; no matter how old you are you still have to do some of the stuff your parents ask and if you do something that your parent does not agree with or approve of then there is no forgiveness. This is only on my mothers side though, I’m having faith that in time certain things will change for the better…

    But anyway I wanted to find out how do you like having a psychology degree? And how was working with youth in both settings you mentioned above? I’m a college sophomore in a liberal arts program and I’m interested in becoming a psychologist also, especially working with children and families. I’ve taken some psychology courses and I jus wanted your opinion on your experience.

    Thanks, I hope you can answer my questions when you have the time.
    -Tia :)

    • Hey Tia! Thanks for stopping by! I love having a degree in psychology. Perhaps one day I will pursue it even further. It’s definitely not a field where you’re going to make big money (especially if you go non-profit or work in the public sector, as I did both) but, for me, a big pay check isn’t where I find fulfillment. My favorite job ever was at a residential treatment facility at Youth Villages. They’re still a relatively young organization, but an incredible company with fantastic treatment models, and often gain national recognition for their success rates. If you have one near you, I definitely recommend checking them out. (youthvillages.org) They also have great tuition reimbursement programs for pursing your masters degree and beyond. Also, if you earn your Bachelor’s and decide to go into a different field, it’s such a flexible degree. It would look good on a resume to enter a teaching program, law school, business management, and others. Knowing about people and how they work is a great asset in any field. I wish you the very best of luck! If you have any other questions I didn’t address, feel free to let me know!

      • Thank you so much for answering my questions. The information you’ve provided is greatly appreciated. Thank you for the website for youthvillages, I will definitely check it out!

        Have a wonderful day!

    Who knew that you would be a fellow Tiger as well! =)
    I have a degree in Psychology and graduated in Fall 2011.
    *Begins to sing “I’m so glad I go to the UofM”*

  4. Hello Mary! I love finding other believers in the blogsphere! I’ve written an ebook about a Christmas project our family has done for years and I’m trying to get it into the hands of Christian families, especially homeschoolers, as I think it’s a great adventure for them. Drop me an email at ballpark001@gmail.com and I can tell you more about it. I’m Catholic too, and I’ve discovered there is quite a community of Catholic bloggers out there. :-) Hope to hear from you soon!

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